Six new Ventures for INCATE STAGE I

Six new ventures have been selected to join the INCATE portfolio. The six ventures reflect the breadth of innovation we are seeing in applications at INCATE with small molecules, RNA and Phages all present.  The six companies will all get a chance along with our other already selected companies to apply for Stage II funding at INCATE with up to 250k Euros later this year.

Rostra Therapeutics – is committed to bringing novel medicines to patients and clinicians delivering the power to restore health and save lives globally

Pedanius Therapeutics – is developing RNAi therapeutics using two complimentary, bacterial delivery platform technologies silencing genes critical to bacterial growth and survival, thus introducing a versatile, novel modality into the battle against antimicrobial resistance

AMResolute – is an early stage drug discovery and development company combating antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections through innovation, applying customised narrow spectrum antibiotics with a novel mode of action

Olgram – is a preclinical stage biotechnology company, creating new drugs to fight bacterial persisters (bacteria in a dormant state responsible for infectious relapses), by using an original approach on new chemical entities discovered in the sea

Fagoterapia – LAB is the biotech producing and commercializing tailor-made drugs based on good viruses (phage) to cure antibiotic resistant infections. To develop its products FL will leverage on a technology platform based on a proprietary AI-algorithm and on a phage biobank

Oxford Silk Phage Technologies – (OSPT) is developing a new material integrating bacteriophage viruses, to produce medical implants reducing surgical site infections and the need for antibiotics

The 6 companies will continue to be supported by INCATE along with the others in the already existing portfolio.



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