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We will be adding to the Frequently Asked Questions over time. Please drop us a note with any questions about the support we provide, application process or how you can get involved. Please also sign-up on our contact page:

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Which companies have been selected so far?2022-04-19T10:56:06+02:00

The INCATE portfolio is here – Portfolio

As new companies are selected they will be added here

From which geographies do you support companies?2021-08-12T15:09:55+02:00

We apply the Eurovision view of Europe rather than EU27 and in fact depending on the innovation we may also support ventures outside Europe in Stage I and possibly Stage II particularly if a move to Europe or subsidiary is possible.

Do I need to have incorporated a company to apply?2021-08-12T15:09:34+02:00


Do I need to relocate within Europe?2021-08-12T15:09:13+02:00

No. We are building a both a virtual and physical community across Europe. There are a significant number of excellent hubs for development of Therapies, Diagnostics and Digital Tools across Europe. We would be happy to help you to select the best place for your company but it is does not influence the selection of your project/venture.

Is my application confidential?2021-08-12T15:08:44+02:00

Your application should contain non-confidential material until we ask you for Confidential material under an NDA. The material provided is shared with the INCATE Selection Committee and their representatives, where necessary a bilateral NDA between your entity and INCATE including consultants and select members of the INCATE Selection Committee can be made.

How do I get started with my application?2021-08-12T15:08:23+02:00

Please contact a member of the INCATE Management Committee. Contact page here

Do you have labs or offices?2021-08-12T15:07:29+02:00

No. We can connect you to opportunities for these where necessary.

Does this affect my intellectual property (IP)?2021-08-12T15:07:04+02:00


Is there follow up funding?2021-08-12T15:06:41+02:00

INCATE does not provide follow up funding but we connect you to a community of investors, industry partners and supporting partners who can continue to support you once you have built an investable case along with INCATE.

What sort of things can we expect from INCATE?2021-08-12T15:06:12+02:00

We would ask you to provide some basic information and then have a short meeting with you to understand your needs and confirm that you are ready to submit a full application. In this meeting we would identify some key questions that we suggest you begin to work on.

We would then invite you to fill in a Stage I application that would include detail of how we would support you in Stage I. After selection in Stage I we would work with you according to the plan suggested along with any adaption post the Selection Committee. This includes work for you to do and some sponsored support such as regulatory strategy, safety study etc.

We would spend time with you during Stage I to develop a pitch deck and plan that would form the basis of your application to Stage II.

Stage II – this again would be work according to the plan suggested along with any adaption post the Selection Committee but now with an increased budget.

What if I receive significant funding during the program?2021-08-12T15:05:50+02:00

That is great and what we are all working towards. You can choose to continue to work with INCATE but funding from INCATE may no longer be relevant.

Am I obliged to give equity?2021-08-12T15:04:51+02:00

No. The advice and funding is provided at no-cost and with no dilution.

Am I obliged to work with your Industry Partners?2021-09-14T09:20:53+02:00

No. We hope that you are able to find a fruitful collaboration with Partners in our network but there is no obligation to do so.

What obligations do I have to INCATE after receiving support?2021-08-12T15:04:09+02:00

We hope you continue to support INCATE post the program as part of the community. There is no obligation to give back. As the business model for Antibiotics is fixed and the reward for Antibiotic innovators increase in coming years we hope that you would re-invest in the next generation of Antibiotics.

What happens after INCATE Stage II?2021-08-12T15:03:50+02:00

We hope that during Stage II you are able to produce enough evidence to get support from other members of the ecosystem supporting the fight against drug-resistant bacterial infections such as the Industry Partners in the INCATE Selection Committee, Carb-X, GARDP, non-dilutive funding or equity investment.

How do you select projects?2021-08-12T15:03:26+02:00

We try and support all early stage innovators with advice from INCATE management and access to our community and events. As part of this we help you prepare an application to the INCATE Selection Committee for acceptance in to Stage I. We may also give you the feedback at this stage that you are not ready for Stage I and why.

Stage I – The INCATE Selection Committee selects projects to be selected into Stage I. We may also invite you to discuss your venture in more detail with the INCATE Selection Committee or their representatives. We will publish a more detailed criteria over time but this is likely to include; Medical need targeted, innovation potential, likelihood of equitable access, team (a weak team is not a killer at Stage I but you need to build it!), Likelihood to develop a case for significant investment case within 24 months and our ability to help

Stage II – The committee will decide which ventures are taken into Stage II and the amount of funding based on the above criteria plus progress made.

Who do you not support?2021-08-22T22:05:53+02:00

We do not support educational projects, late stage products or basic research.

Who is INCATE for?2022-02-23T17:27:53+01:00

INCATE is for innovators fighting drug-resistant bacterial infections with new therapies, development platforms, diagnostics, digital tools and supporting technologies. Our focus geographically is Europe but if you are outside Europe but would like to collaborate please get in contact and we’ll see what we can do.

We want to help you to build investable projects and companies that are ready for the next level of investment from Industry, targeted funds like Carb-X or Novo Repair fund, traditional investors and in some cases further non-dilutive funding.

As of Q1 2022 our focus is on therapies and we are investigating how we can help with diagnostics and devices. Digital tools are not likely to be considered until late 2022 at the earliest (unless you wow us).

To give you an idea of approximate stage, we think we can help most in the following space;

  • Drug projects with initial proof of concept and hit/lead identified- (TRL 2-4)
    Diagnostic projects that have a POC (TRL 3-4)
    Digital tools and other technologies that have a POC from one setting, though the nature of these innovations means it may be harder to set a clear boundary(TRL 3-5)

If you aren’t sure please contact us.

Why should I work with INCATE? How do you support innovators?2022-02-23T17:34:05+01:00

INCATE is a unique partnership for academic and industry participants that can help your innovation progress. We support innovators by providing advice from Industry Partners during and after the selection process, individualised coaching and from translational academic partners and support institutions. We also connect you to a community of other innovators plus those partners such as investors whom you will need in your entreprenuerial journey. We also provide Non-Dilutive funding that can help you answer key questions. We believe that this package will help you move faster to becoming investible if your venture should progress and help you to make the difficult choice of stopping if this particular approach is not likely to succeed.

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