Our Support

We support by providing advice, community and funding to accelerate the development of your innovation. We focus on the development of new treatments, diagnostics and interventions that help reduce the prevalence and impact of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).


Up to €250,000 in non-dilutive funding  will be provided to selected projects to help answer critical questions needed to develop business and translational plans to convince investors at the next funding stage.


Access to a community of engaged individuals across industry, academia, entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, public health and healthcare providers to share ideas and fight drug-resistant bacterial infections together.


Advice from partners, including Industry, to enable; early alignment with medical needs and market demand, the development of a quality translational path and a plan to build a company.

Support stages

We provide advice and access to our community to all innovators who contact us. You may ask for advice on any R&D or funding matter. When ready, you can apply to stage I for more detailed feedback from Industry partners and funding up to €10k to refine the business case. Projects selected for Stage II receive up to €250k and further support to build a company ready for the next stage of investment.

Who do we help

We support early-stage innovators working on new treatments, discovery platforms and technologies, diagnostics and interventions that help reduce the prevalence and impact of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).


Applications are open now and will be accepted on a rolling basis. Contact one of the team or info@incate.net to get more information. In the meantime please also sign up to our community below.

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Dr. Helmut Kessmann

Contact me for Industry contacts and equity funding

Dr. Silke Alt

Contact me for advice on scientific questions and Non-Dilutive funding

Dr. Ina-Kristin Behrens

Contact me to hear if INCATE is right for your venture

Douglas Haggstrom

Contact me to get involved in the community or start your application

Dr. Sina Gerbach

Contact me for access to technical support