Kick-off the busy week: Selection Committee Meeting

Basel is the place to be this week, and believe us when we say it will be busy!

Just two days away from the kick-off of the AMR Conference, INCATE starts the week with a Selection Committee Meeting, to select the first 2024 new ventures for Stage I support. Now this is an exciting way to start!

Our Selection Committee is quite diverse, made up of Independent and Industry representatives with different backgrounds, opinions and interests. Their collective role is to select ventures for Stage I and Stage II, as well as provide support and advice to the INCATE ventures.


Who can apply?

Early stage ventures (seed or earlier and academic groups) working in all modalities fighting against AMR, particularly researchers considering commercializing their invention. INCATE is open to all technologies, drug classes, platforms new therapy concepts, digital tools, diagnostics, and you can be based anywhere in the world! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


How does INCATE help?

INCATE helps early-stage innovators to accelerate their AMR initiatives by providing advice on any R&D or funding matter and access to our community. When ready, innovators are encouraged to apply for Stage I for more detailed feedback from Industry partners and funding. Later on, ventures may apply to Stage II. When selected to Stage II, projects receive a superior funding and further support to build a company ready for the next stage of investment.

Take a look here to know our portfolio:


Do you have any initiative to combat Antimicrobial Resistance? INCATE is always looking for early-stage innovators working on new treatments, discovery platforms and technologies, diagnostics and interventions that help reduce the prevalence and impact of AMR. Remember: we accept applications on a rolling-basis.

Reach out to us:


Stay tuned to get to know the 2024 ventures that will be joining the INCATE community!


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