New additions to our portfolio – Stage I March 2024

Just two days before the 8th AMR Conference opened its doors, the INCATE Selection Committee was sitting together in the Innovation Office io the University of Basel – for the first time! – to select the first 2024 ventures for Stage I support.

INCATE is please to announce the 4 new ventures to receive Stage I support:

Oxford SimCell – SimCell® are genome-free bacteria produced by switchable enzymatic shearing, which inactivates bacterial cells while preserving immunogenic cell surface features, offering a new approach to creating safe and effective whole-cell vaccines against bacterial pathogens.

Phiogen Pharmaceuticals – The goal of this project is to further develop IND enabling data for a series of high-performing bacteriophages to be formulated into a single, fixed product for the treatment of MDR pathogens in recurrent urinary tract infections (rUTI) and someday be applied in clinical settings.

NanA | Karolinska Institutet – The group of reseachers leaded by Federico Iovino has identified a protein (NanA) able to trigger the fagocitic capacity of microglia.

HZI – HIPS – Resist – AB :Small synthetic, narrow-spectrum resistance-breaking antibiotics against Acinetobacter baumannii.

Information on the other ventures previously selected for Stage I support can be found on our portfolio page.


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