New Selection Committee coming up – deadline for applications: September 15th 2023

The next INCATE’s Selection Committee is coming up and we are now accepting applications for this new round until September 15th 2023


Having reached the two-year mark, INCATE is excited to announce the next Selection Committee. With over 180 contacts from AMR innovators all over the world, this Selection Committee has already selected 24 ventures for our Stage I support and 1 for Stage II. Take a look at the current selected ventures here.


Who & how do we help?

INCATE is an international partnership aiming to support innovators to fight drug resistant bacterial infections. We focus on new therapies and we are also pen to any new technologies which may have potential to fight against AMR.
INCATE supports by providing advice, community and funding to accelerate the development of innovations to help against AMR. We focus on the development of new treatments, diagnostics and interventions that help reduce the prevalence and impact of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).
We provide advice and access to our community to all innovators who contact us. Innovators may ask for advice on any R&D or funding matter. When ready, startups and initiatives can apply to stage I for more detailed feedback from Industry partners and funding up to €10k to refine the business case. Projects selected for Stage II receive up to €250k and further support to build a company ready for the next stage of investment.


About the Selection Committee

The INCATE Selection Committee integrates Independent and Industry representatives. Their collective role is to select Ventures for Stage I and Stage II and they will also provide support and advice to Ventures. Get to know our Selection Committee.


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