The following ventures have been selected by the
INCATE Selection Committee

Arivin therapeutics

Tackling resistant infections with virulence inhibition.


Invitris developed the worldwide first platform technology to synthesize arbitrary phages within a single system, thus enabling full scalability of therapeutic phage isolation, modification, production, and application.


Myxobiotics is a start-up company discovering and developing novel antibiotics from natural products first isolated and characterized from myxobacteria.


At smartbax we develop novel multi-targeted, antibacterial compounds with extraordinary potency against multi-drug resistant bacteria and difficult-to-treat biofilms.


Developing novel anti-virulence agents for multi drug resistant TB and difficult to treat infectious diseases


An innovative and selective treatment against stomach diseases caused by Helicobacter pylori

Rostra Therapeutics

Rostra Therapeutics is committed to bringing novel medicines to patients and clinicians delivering the power to restore health and save lives globally

Pedanius Therapeutics

Pedanius Therapeutics is developing RNAi therapeutics using two complimentary, bacterial delivery platform technologies silencing genes critical to bacterial growth and survival, thus introducing a versatile, novel modality into the battle against antimicrobial resistance


AMResolute is an early stage drug discovery and development company combating antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections through innovation, applying customised narrow spectrum antibiotics with a novel mode of action


Olgram is a preclinical stage biotechnology company, creating new drugs to fight bacterial persisters (bacteria in a dormant state responsible for infectious relapses), by using an original approach on new chemical entities discovered in the sea


Fagoterapia LAB is the biotech producing and commercializing tailor-made drugs based on good viruses (phage) to cure antibiotic resistant infections. To develop its products FL will leverage on a technology platform based on a proprietary AI-algorithm and on a phage biobank

Oxford Silk Phage Technologies

OSPT is developing a new material integrating bacteriophage viruses, to produce medical implants reducing surgical site infections and the need for antibiotics

BamA inhibitors

Developing novel Darobactin analogues

S. aureus α-hemolysin Inhibitors

The Helmholtz Centre for infection Research together with the Lead Discovery Center develop small molecule-based inhibitors of alpha-hemolysin to treat lung infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus


MyxoBiomedical develops a resistance-breaking macrolide antibiotic based on the myxobacterial natural product scaffold chlorotonil for the treatment of infections caused by MRSA/VRE


Kinzbio is discovering phages that have been overlooked by standard discovery pipelines and have unique and previously unknown biological properties, leveraging their use for infection prevention


At CC Bio, we harness the power of synthetic biology to engineer and edit the microbiome with precision antimicrobials. Our goal is to eliminate microbiome-based disease in a potent, specific and prophylactic fashion, harmonising the relationship between eukaryotic and microbial cells

NTNU Betatide

An antibacterial peptide that inhibits replication and mutagenesis


Life saving therapy for Sepsis based on a protein inspired by nature


Xiretsa is developing novel membrane-remodeling small-molecule antibiotics that evade resistance to address the greatest Gram-negative, Gram-positive, and Mycobacterial threats

Interface Biosciences

Interface Biosciences is developing a commensal-derived multifunctional RiPP for the treatment of bacterially-mediated inflammatory disease


With a new mechanism of action, a new class of compound and a new target, Disperazol is a robust, narrow-spectrum drug candidate with significant efficacy in inhibiting and dismantling Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms


VIKYNG – AI is a lead generation platform to improve innovations in AMR by combining Artificial Intelligence and a new class of antimicrobials called polypeptoids

Unison Medicines, Inc

Unison Medicines develops small molecule inhibitors of RecA to be used in combination with other front-line antibiotic agents.

PhageOne Theranostics

Building an integrated company for Phage Therapy


Paerublock develops non-traditional small molecules targeting elastase (LasB) from Pseudomonas aeruginosa as novel antibiotic therapeutics


The University Hospital Bonn together with Helmholtz Centre for Infection research develops the natural compound Corallopyronin A for difficult-to-treat Gram-positive infections, with funding from DZIF


Utilizing UV light, Puray provides the world’s first permanently disinfected medical tubing, offering superior infection prevention for patients

Oxford SimCell Ltd.

SimCells® are genome-free bacteria produced by switchable enzymatic shearing, which inactivates bacterial cells while preserving immunogenic cell surface features, offering a new approach to creating safe and effective whole-cell vaccines against bacterial pathogens

Phiogen Pharmaceuticals

The goal the project is to further develop IND enabling data for a series of high-performing bacteriophages to be formulated into a single, fixed product for the treatment of MDR pathogens in recurrent urinary tract infections (rUTI) and someday be applied in clinical settings.


A new serotype-independent immunostimulatory agent to protect the brain from pneumococcal infections

Resist – AB

Small synthetic, narrow-spectrum resistance-breaking antibiotics against Acinetobacter baumannii.

The following ventures were selected
at INCATE pitch events

Limmatech Biologics

LimmaTech Biologics AG is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and manufacture of next generation vaccines for the prevention of life-threatening diseases.

iFast Diagnostics

an ultra-fast, low cost, high-throughput Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test suitable for all bacterial infections


Utilizing UV light, Puray provides the world’s first permanently disinfected medical tubing, offering superior infection prevention for patients